Can you increase your revenue for each visitor without disrupting user experience?

Yes, you can. And without increasing the number of ad placements.

Smart Ad Refresh is the feature that more publishers are adopting to drive more revenue. 

What is Smart Ad Refresh?

Smart Ad Refresh allows you to show a new ad within the same placement after a trigger, such as:

  • A fixed time (eg. 30 seconds)
  • A user action or engagement (click or hover)
  • An event on the page (updated rain forecast on weather page/app).

Through this, Smart Ad Refresh allows for increased revenue per user session.

But what about user experience?

Ad Refresh done properly doesn’t impact page load times. Because ads only refresh after the page is fully loaded.

Also, users are not going to be bombarded with ads. It only refreshes the existing placements so you won’t need to crowd your page and content with more ads.

It’s highly recommended to use Ad Refresh on pages with a high average dwell time on page (or pages where visitors spend more time).

Best Practices

  • Use it with sticky ads – sticky ads will always remain viewable, and hence will give the best results
  • Declare ad refresh inventory to advertisers – otherwise leads to Google policy violations
  • A/B test for best results – run tests to determine the best ad refresh best triggers

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