Earn what your site is truly worth.

We examine all available revenue options so you earn maximum value for your digital assets. 

Where most other ad monetization services specialize in one technology, their publishers are typically missing out on revenue opportunities. Blue Carbon looks at all potential monetization channels available to a publisher, including programmatic, video, native, and more. We take a complete 360 degree view of the landscape to develop a fully customized plan that considers all of your digital assets. 

How it Works

1. Website and Traffic Audit.

It begins with a review of your website and traffic in order to prepare our recommendations.

2. A Customized Plan.

We provide a detailed recommendation on the tactics and placements that will earn you maximum value. 

3. Tags and Install Instructions.

We’ll provide everything you’l need and guide you through each step. 

4. Analyze and Optimize.

We continually monitor your set up to ensure optimal performance. 

Speak with a Monetization Expert

Our approach begins with a consultation where we learn more about your website, your audience, and your goals going forward. From there, our team will create a custom plan that explores multiple revenue opportunities.

Blue Carbon Consultation

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