It’s estimated that advertisers lose upwards of $5 billion per year, globally, due to mobile fraud.

Recognizing the need to address mobile fraud in the ad space, with our mobile partners, Blue Carbon has compiled the most comprehensive, continuously authenticated database of fraudulent mobile device IDs in Canada.


The methodology begins with our data sources – including bid-stream data, SDKs, Supply Side Platforms and Data Management Platforms. Device IDs are examined and graded as either fraudulent and added to the Fraud Pool, or as legitimate and released to a “White list”.

We use machine learning and big data algorithms to analyze vast numbers of metrics and the interrelations between them. It involves using a set of over 50 checks, filtering for routine issues to more difficult to detect situations that require advanced analytics and multi-point corroboration.


The Blue Carbon Mobile Fraud Suppression list is the most comprehensive list of fraudulent devices in Canada, with over 40M devices captured weekly and continuously authenticated.

So you can..

  • Reach real people
  • Improve your mobile campaign effectiveness
  • Ensure brand health

Secure your next mobile campaign from fraud.